Dream Essays

Good Topics for Writing a Dream Essay

Dream Essays can be very interesting pieces of writing. There are a number of different topics that you can choose to write about for this type of essay. You can write about the dreams that you have experienced while sleeping. You can also write about your interpretation of your dreams and how they relate to goals that you want to achieve in your life. Besides this you can also write your paper on many more dream related topics.

Take a look at some popular dream related topics for your essay:

  1. I Have a Dream
  2. Field of Dreams
  3. Description of Your Dreams
  4. Interpretation of Dreams
  5. Dreams in Life

I Have a Dream

This type of Dream Essay is based on the famous speech made by Martin Luther King called I have a dream. When you write an essay on this speech, you can either analyse the entire speech or elaborate on specific statements of the speech. This topic is one of the most common choices for essays on dreams and can be written on any essay length.

Field of Dreams

This is another very popular choice for an essay on dreams. This essay is based on the movie Field of Dreams which stars Kevin Costner. The point of the movie is to show that your most amazing dreams can become a reality as long as you really believe in them. When writing an essay on this topic, you can discuss the story in detail or you can simply use the movie taglines to get started on your essay writing.

Description of Your Dreams

As the title suggests, this Dream Essay will be based on your own personal dreams. Discuss the kind of dreams you have and describe the colours, sounds, sights and feelings that you experience when you have them. You could even talk about whether you believe your dreams have any kind of special relevance or significance to your life.

Interpretation of Dreams

Nowadays, dreams are being analysed and interpreted in order to understand the feelings and emotions experienced by the dreamer. Dream interpretation is a very hot subject that can be discussed in detail in Dream Essays. In such an essay, you can discuss the ancient Hebrew interpretations of dreams, Hippocrate’s theory with regards to dream interpretations as well as discuss different theories used for interpreting dreams.

Dreams in Life

For an essay on dreams in life, you can talk about your own life’s dreams. Talk about your specific dreams and how you plan to make these dreams come true. For instance, if your dream is to become an astronaut, you should talk about the reasons for this being your dream, the steps you will take to achieve this dream and how you plan to make your dream become a reality.

Writing an essay on dreams can be a lot of fun and can also teach you a lot about your own self. Research essay topics till you find one that excites you and then begin your essay. If you find it difficult to find a suitable topic, you could buy an essay.